Women of society are faced with many problems. They are constantly judged and labelled for characteristics they should be and that they should have, from the color of their skin to the sizes of their bodies. Most of the labels are impossible for any one to even obtain but it doesn’t matter. The society that we live in, makes it so hard for people to be comfortable in their own skin. It’s sickening and heartbreaking because they tell us to love ourselves for who we are but our imperfections will get us no where.

Women, have two options; change who you are or be who you are. But no matter what you choose, you’ll still be judged for being something you’re not.

Society blatantly tells us to change who we are without doing it so blatantly. Instead, there are ads and commercials that hint “these is what you’re supposed to be”. Some women will change who they are so they can perhaps fit into the spotlight but what they don’t realize it that they only becomes another. Another number and another statistic. They’ll change their hair and it’s color, their eye color, and skin color because they want to fit in, not knowing that the only thing that they’re fitting into is a statistic. Not knowing that people are still going to talk.

I’m not judging anyone because I believe everyone has reasons for everything that they do and I’m not perfect myself. However, I must applaud those who says “whatever” to society. “I love myself for who I am,” because those are the people who know what real love is and those are the people who knows the truth.

Living in the society that judges every single thing that we do, it’s hard not to give in sometimes. Those who do give in, have the hardest consequences than those who don’t.

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