For my capstone I decided to do several things. The first thing I decided to do was start a blog where I talk about how women shouldn’t use offensive words to one another or to describe themselves. I second thing I’m doing is finding experiments and documentaries about how society view women. The third component of my project is to start an after school program in my community where I get middle school kids together to take about the importance of words.


In this project, I will like to learn why young African American girls chose to represent themselves by who’s the baddest and who’s the prettiest? Why do they chose to use offensive words to describe who they are? Are they being influenced by the people in their community? I grew up in the same community as they do but when I was younger, my friends and I didn’t use disrespectful words to describe ourselves. I want to know what is causing this girls to have such little respect for themselves. 


I’m creating a curriculum to teach young girls at the school why how they describe themselves play into a bigger role in society. My goal is to reach as many people I can and spread the word about self respect. I want to start with middle school kids because it influence them much more than it would do an older person. I feel that a lot of women do not understand that using offensive words leaves a bad mark on them. It not only influences others from the opposite gender to use the words but it also influences younger kids to do it as well. I’ve been noticing that younger females have been calling themselves these offensive words because they hear it from their parents and friends, so they think it’s okay.

I want to tell them that it’s not okay and that there are much better words to use to describe themselves. This is something that is very heavy in my community so my goal is to talk to them and get them to interact with me. I will do this by having them go to my blog and check out some of the posts that I’ve written. They will also be able to see some of the research and studies that I’ve found. I will also plan out lesson plans and activities that we could do as a group.

On my blog there will be polls that they can take to help understand what they believe and from there I can ask them why they believe that way. What influences them to think this things. I’ll incorporate the activities and lessons we do and record it on my blog so others can see what we’re doing and how we’re growing. It will also influence others to want to be apart of the after school program and be move involved.

My plan and goal is to get people talking and thinking different about how words that we use can show society things that are deceiving. Society will conclude that everyone in our community is dumbfounded because we do not understand the true meanings of words. 


So far I’ve been facing a lot of challenges with my capstone because of the weather. The weather’s being so bad and school has been getting canceled so I couldn’t start my capstone when I wanted to which was in January. However, I’ve been able to get back on track with my progress. Since I’ve already had teaching experiences because I did my ILP there and I know some of the kids, it should be easy for me to connect and interact with the kids. I can’t until I learn more about these young girls and spread the word.

Meet the Young Ladies

In the beginning of this program, I started off with 10 young ladies.











However, as the program continued I lost a few because of some them weren’t committed to their school work. So I was left with:






Here are a few pictures of them working on our activities:IMG_2443






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