Love Your Environment as You Love Yourself



Many people say that our body is sacred,

I believe that this is true.

We only have one body that we cannot interchange.

So we try to do our best by taking care our bodies,

We wash and clean it,

Eat healthy so that we can have ever glowing skin.

We treat our body with gentle care,

Because we know that we do not get another one in this lifetime.

We know that our bodies are sensitive,

So we know which the type of lotions and soaps and clothing to put on.

Many of us don’t take our body for granted because it’s so precious.

But why do we take our environment for granted, when it’s just as precious?

We litter,

We pollute,

Without thinking about the consequences

Because some of us doesn’t believe the environment affects us directly.

However, the same way our body’s absorb lotions and soaps through the skin,

Our skin absorbs pollution into our bodies.

Those pollutions enter in and affect our lungs and brains,

If our environment is not clean than neither are we!

We must love to take care of our environments as we do our bodies,

We must learn to be gentle and kind and caring to our environment

So that our environment can be gentle and caring for us.



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