Female Infanticide


Down the Valley of the Shadow

Another paper I wrote for a class, this time, about eight months ago.  The majority of it was written in an airport in California because I procrastinate.  A lot.

Young women in India seem to be disappearing.  There isn’t a date that can be pointed at to show when it started, but it is clear that the sex ratio in India is not what it should be.  For example, in Dehli there are only 821 women for every 1,000 men (Spinelli 17).  This is startling when compared with the 1,029 women per 1,000 men found in the US (Spinelli 17).  According to the Azad India Foundation, over 5 million girls have “disappeared” from India over a period of 15 years (Gray 4).  In nature there are generally more males born than females, but the ratios found in India are well beyond what one would find naturally (“The war on baby…

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