Monthly Archives: May 2014

You Don’t Know Me


If I was to tell you everything

You still wouldn’t know me.

Even if I told it to a person

Who went through the same stuff

They wouldn’t understand.

Because we all hurt differently

And don’t feel the same.

 They wouldn’t understand my pain

They wouldn’t understand the hurt

They wouldn’t be able to vision what I saw.

Because we all feel and see differently.

Have different views of the world

So no matter how hard they try

If I was to tell them everything,

They still wouldn’t know me.



A caring and soft heart will get you hurt,

But a cold heart, will get you no love.

No heart, and you’re dead

A warm heart brings cold hands, nobody wants to hold.

But a heart like a child with no mother in the want, 

will bring you peace and a sense of life.

To love, care and sing all of the goodness that a heart can bring.

Is something we all want, and sing and leap and dance for.

Though some of us disclaim these things.

We all want what a heart can bring.

We’ve all cried the lies of not wanting much or nothing. 

And we cried tears for those lies.

Because we all have a heart, and every heart wants love.

So don’t listen to the fool who says he has no heart.

Because with no heart you have no sense of life.

Or what you have.

So how will he know he has no heart?

Because he too, does have a heart.

Full of wanting to be understood.

Wanting to relate and speak words of untold stories and never seen dreams.

Wanting another heart to just sit down and just listen for once.

We all have a heart full of the same wants but different goals and different dreams.

Some of us want more than others and some want even more.

We, too have a heart.

Do I Matter?


Sometimes I just sit back and wonder,

Wonder if I wasn’t born,

Will life be the same ?

Sometimes I wonder,

Am I important to this life ?

Am I needed ?

I wonder if I die

How will it affect others ?

In my mind I want to die,

In my heart I want to live !

Am I suicidal?

Am I crazy ?

I know we have our ups and downs,

But is my downs taking over ?

When I sit back and think it all through,

I realize that I am apart of a family that cares !

I am wanted !

I am loved !

I am special !

I am somebody that people want me to be somebody !

I have a part in people hearts

That wants me to accomplish !

So I hear by today,

That I am somebody special !

I will not let my lows

Over take my highs !

I will not let bad things,

Out do good !

Because I sit back and think about it,

Am I apart of a caring family ?

Am I loved by people who care ?

Am I needed ?

Yes !

I know for a fact that I’m here for a reason !