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Respect comes from within, this is something that we all most remember. Most of you heard “You must give respect to receive respect.” But is that all you must do? No you have to learn how to respect yourself first because if you don’t have respect for yourself how can you expect for others to do so?

You have to respect yourself first so that way you can find out how much respect you deserve. Now you can not go around demanding too much respect because that will most likely make people not like you. But just know that you also can not allow for others to disrespect you, bring you down and tell you that you’re worthless.

You’re not worthless because if you were people wouldn’t even waste their time telling you so. Remember those people had to think about all the things you done to be able to tell you that you’re worthless. They had to think about you, so you must mean something if they’re thinking about you right?

All in all just remember respect comes from within. If you respect yourself others will too.

Just my thoughts.

Who am I ?


If I share my stories

I wonder how many people would listen?

How many people would understand my written words?

Would they believe that I’ve gone through so much at an age I am?

I highly doubt people will react.

But I guess I can try

To catch a few people attention

Hope they’ll understand me.

Don’t judge me

Keep your comments to yourself

Both the good and the bad.

Because when I spoke there wasn’t much confidence.

And I don’t need you to shatter my knees,

So I have to look up to you with fear in my eyes.

I don’t know whether or not you’ll get others to criticize me.

Chastise me.

Belittle me so I feel like nothing.

Because when I share my stories there won’t be much confidence.

But I’ll like to keep the little bit I do have.

So please I ask of you

Don’t criticize me

Just listen and try to understand

What I’m going through

Just lend me an ear

And a small fraction of your heart

I know I can be hard and difficult to talk to.

But that’s because I built up this wall that I need help tearing down

I’m afraid of getting hurt.

More than I already have

But if you give me time

I’ll tell you eventually.

You just have to be willing to stand by me for however long it takes  for me to come clean.

Which can take months or even years.

I’ll tell you

How it feel and how I felt

Don’t judge me when I do

Because I was young and foolish

I didn’t know right from wrong

Good vs evil.

I evil take over

Get the best of me.

That was my past

This is my present.

I’m changed

A changed person

And everyday

I try to make it better

But when I truly become who I am,

Then I’ll tell you who I was

My Self-Worth Poem


It took me years, most of my teens

to realize my self-worth.

But when I found it,

I couldn’t explain how good I felt

I can’t.

I can only merely try to put it in words.

But most won’t understand

because you don’t know my story

And never heard my cries.

I remember some days I would lay down and cry.

Hoping, Praying

That when I rose everything would be over, better.

It was for a while

Until when I turned around and lied.

Lied to myself, while trying to keep promises with everybody else.

Lying to myself, going against my own word.

Because I didn’t want others to feel pain.

Self- inflicting my own self

Because I couldn’t hurt… others.

But myself… quick fast and in a hurry.

Because then, I didn’t know my self-worth.

So I began to read,

Scriptures, passages, poems

Hoping they’ll bring some sense.

Sense of life.

Sense of me.

They made me feel good

but made no sense.

I couldn’t comprehend.

Their messages didn’t speak,

They talked word I couldn’t understand

It just wasn’t me

Wasn’t meant for me

So I lost hope and never had faith.

A never ending cycle.

The snake the rat the cat the dog.

Vulnerable and open for evil to come get me.

But I waited

Kept praying

Time passed and there was no changes.

Because all the while I was lying to myself.

Avoiding the obvious

So I couldn’t find peace.

Not with myself, not with the world.

Lies on lies on lies

No truth.

But then it stopped

After all the hurt and pain

After being exposed to others for what I really was

I had to come out

Come true

And finally


I realized my self-worth

I have self-worth.


Even after being looked down on,

Talked about

Through it all I realized my self-worth.

I have self-worth.

And so does you.

by Jamekea S. Lee aka HipsterShakur

Do you know that you have self-worth?


Not many women realize their true self worth. Some women think that their self-worth is less than what it really is. They think this because they’ve been in abusive relationships, mistreated/abused as children, and disrespected by the ones they thought who cared. Because they have been told that they are nothing they believe it and begin to think that it’s true. Well guess what? It’s not. Not the least bit of being true.

You all have self-worth. You must tell yourselves that you are more than what other’s think, whether they agree or not. You are something great and your self worth has no limit made by others. The only limit it has is the one you put on it and it can be how ever high as you want.

This is your life and nobody can tell you what’s great about it and what’s not. It’s up to you to decide. So when people try to bring you down and tell you that you’re nothing, LIFT YOUR HEAD UP HIGH AND SAY: “THIS IS MY LIFE, NOBODY CAN TELL ME WHAT IT’S WORTH.”